Wiltshire vending company helps to supply guide dogs

Vending firm helping a national charity meet the growing demand for guide dogs in Wiltshire.

Currently, 38 blind and partially sighted people in the region are waiting to be partnered with a dog, to help them live more independently. 

Hilton Vending Services has partnered with Guide Dogs for the Blind Association to help fundraise and sponsor the cost of breeding and training a guide dog.

The Westbury vending company has chosen Guide Dogs as its charity of the year and has signed up to its Sponsor a Puppy scheme. The firm begins its fundraising drive this month; the money raised will cover the first 12 months of the puppy’s training, breeding, vaccination, vets’ bills, food and equipment.

The cost associated with breeding and training puppies to meet the current demand in Wiltshire alone equates to £190k.

The pup sponsored by Hilton Vending will be cared for by a volunteer in Wiltshire for its first year. The puppy will first learn the social skills it needs, before undertaking the necessary advanced training to become a guide dog.

“This is a great way of giving back to the community,” commented Martin Killian, managing director of 20-year-old independent business, Hilton Vending. “We’ll get to name a puppy and know that once it has been fully trained, it will make such a difference to the independence of a blind or partially-sighted person.”

Alison Selby, regional fundraising development manager for Guide Dogs for the Blind Association added: “We rely almost entirely on voluntary donations to fund our services. Sponsor a Puppy is a great way for companies and individuals to get involved in fundraising and to learn about our life-changing work. We’re extremely grateful to everyone involved in supporting this initiative.”

Now in its 81st year, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association enables thousands of blind and partially sighted people to live more independently through guide dog partnerships.

For further information about Guide Dogs’ Name a Puppy scheme, contact Alison Selby on 07500 993210 or alison.selby@guidedogs.org.uk . For more information on the charity’s work visit www.guidedogs.org.uk