Wellcome Trust launches major new public engagement initiative

blast_design_wellcome trust_TheCrunc_Infographic‘The Crunch’, which features brand identity and communications from Blast, centres around our food, our health and our planet.


It is designed to encourage the nation to explore these changes and connections, and to inspire us all to create a recipe for a happier, healthier future.


Throughout 2016 The Crunch will reach a wide range of audiences across the UK via experiment kits produced for every school and FE college in the UK; interactive dialogue sessions, combining theatre and discussion; development of a network of ambassadors, who will be empowered to deliver more grassroots activity and more.


“This is a significant new initiative, not only for The Wellcome Trust, but for the 15 project partners, and indeed for the UK as a whole,” says Lynn Huynh, marketing communications project manager at The Wellcome Trust. “It was critical that we created a name, brand, visual identity and messaging that would unite all involved and become even more than the sum of its parts.”


She continues: “More than this The Crunch will encompass the entire UK, will last for all of 2016, and involves us communicating complicated topics to a very wide range of audiences, many of whom, for very valid reasons, do not have environment, nutrition and health as a high priority. So the name, look and feel needed to feel contemporary, relevant, and fun, allowing us to convey a serious message and inspire people to care about the issues.”


The first stage of the website launches in November 2015 and the first pilot session takes place in Eastbourne on 16th January 2016. The official launch of The Crunch will take place in March 2016 and after that the full range of activities will commence.


“Our stakeholders are responding very positively to the brand,” concludes Huynh. “Even at this stage people are beginning to feel inspired by what we can achieve with The Crunch. We can’t wait for the next stage, and to bringing even more people into this exciting and important conversation.”