Want to know all about MicroMarkets?

microm,arketSpecialist Vending and Vendex North invite you to a brand new seminar for vending professionals to discover the world of MicroMarkets. US experts will explain how their billion dollar success can be mirrored in the UK.

‘Vending Outside the Box – an Introduction to Micro-Markets’, the UK’s first seminar dedicated to the growing phenomenon of micro-markets, will take place at Old Trafford on November 10th, the day before Vendex North. The first seminar will start at 10am and the second at 2pm. The programme will run for approximately two hours and 15 minutes.

There is now limited availability for both seminars – for guaranteed space, email and register now at: rephotopublishingltd@btinternet.com. Alternatively, email hello@sv365tech.com or call 03336 000365.

Covering every aspect of this new vending/catering platform, the sessions will share knowledge and experience gained within North America – where micro-markets have achieved rapid success – with vending operators, catering specialists and brand managers in this country.

The half day seminar, which will be held twice on the day, features leading speakers from the USA and the UK who, alongside explaining the micro-market concept, will present data and give predictions for growth in the UK.  The sessions will also offer tips, advice and specific guidance on topics ranging from merchandising and promotions to technology and fresh/frozen/hot food options. The seminar will also provide networking opportunities with participants, suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

Hosted by SV365 Technologies and supported by some key leading suppliers – Kellogg’s, Peter’s Food and 365 Retail Markets – the seminar is free to attend.



Brad Bachtelle, President of Bachtelle and Associates, a US-based, national recognised consulting and market research firm focused on the vending, micro-markets, coffee service and specialty foodservice channels.

Joseph Hessling, Founder and CEO of 365 Retail Markets, the global leader in micro-market technologies.

Jo Beach. Jo and her companies operate internationally within the lifestyle, retail, technology and media sectors, specialising in intellectual property creation and brand asset capitalisation in retail, food, beverage, health, beauty, wellness and technology sectors.

Dan Spacie. Strategy Director for Compass UK. He has a strong track record of helping organisations and individuals to achieve exceptional results.


About micro-markets

A micro market is an unmanned self-checkout food retail platform that replaces a bank of vending machines.  Within it, customers pick products from open rack displays, refrigerators, freezers or warming ovens and then scan each product at a special payment kiosk. Payment can be made using a credit or account card, cash, or via thumbprint recognition.

Over 9,000 micro-markets are now operating across North America, many in fortune 500 companies.  Predictions are that sales from US micro-markets will exceed $1billion in the next decade.