Vianet unveils new website

Vianet has launched a new website that provides field workers, operators and engineers with immediate access to the all the information and tools they need to install its devices.

Jo Vinton-Bulwinkel

Additionally, ithosts a selection of useful tips and tricks of the trade for when things go wrong.

Head of customer experience Jo Vinton-Bulwinkel said: “We’re really excited about this resource. Our team has worked super hard to get this over the line in record time and it makes the ‘service and support’ element of our offer stronger than ever, giving us a tangible edge in a combative marketplace.

“Over the last four months we been focussing on how we can offer the best possible service to our customers,” Jo said.

“We have made some big changes to the way we work, the most significant of which being the introduction of a new customer relationship management and help desk system, plus the appointment of Jay Clark as customer experience manager.  These improvements will enable us to manage the work we do for our customers more efficiently, allowing us to prioritise the things that are having the greatest impact on their businesses.  It’s Jay’s job to oversee these systems and ensure the team is delivering against the promises we’ve made.

“Our newly appointed quality and compliance manager, Alex Kerr, is working alongside Jay to ensure the quality of the work we are doing is aligned to our new quality framework,” Jo added.

“Finally – for now – we’ve introduced a technical support team  to work in conjunction with our dedicated helpdesk, which has already proved to be a huge benefit to our customers when they’re out in the field and need immediate assistance.”


The launch of Vianet’s new website means its devices will be shipped with a QR code that links to the new portal along with contact details, should customers require the assistance of the support team.