Vending concerns, a European perspective

The European Vending and Coffee Service Association has finalised its position paper outlining areas of concern with proposals for a European Regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWR).

The proposal is currently being scrutinised by the European Parliament as well as the Council of the EU (Member States representatives).

The EVA has some concerns with the text and has provided a series of clear and specific proposed amendments which aim to ensure that vending does not incorrectly fall into poorly defined segments and targets.

In a statement, the EVA said it has consequently been intensifying lobbying activities with both the European Parliament’s environment committee (ENVI) members, as well as with the national member states in the Council.

The EVA met with a number of MEPs and is in dialogue with other offices and Council representatives.

A position paper has now been seen by the Swedish Presidency negotiating team, which currently holds the 6-month rotating Council Presidency.

The EVA also signed a letter – alongside other allied associations making use of beverage packaging – addressed to the Council to outline that the Commission’s impact assessment for the legislation is not detailed enough, it gives no direct evidence that specific targets and product reductions will improve either the use of resources or the overall environmental impact.

External study on PSD2 published

An external study, carried out by consultants on behalf of the EU Commission, has been published providing a detailed view of the implementation of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Areas that may need revising have been highlighted.

With regards to vending, the key area of interest in this dossier is the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, which mandate a PIN (or other verification method) after specific limits have been reached.

At the upcoming meeting of the Electronic Payment Committee, the study will be examined in more depth, and a new EVA position paper on this subject will be defined.

Irish DRS scheme to start in February 2024.

The EVA – together with the UK’s Vending & Automated Retail Association (AVA) – met recently with Re-Turn, the Irish company set up to manage the new deposit return scheme, which is due to start in February 2024.