The solution that automates the traditional company canteen

MrLunch is an innovative company canteen solution that offers employees a wide range of ready meals and drinks distributed by vending machines. It is based on an idea by FreshFood24, a German company that manages catering services for businesses, events and gyms, and provided in collaboration with Rheavendors Servomat, German branch of Rhea Vendors Group, is one of the largest producers of customized vending machines in the world, and well-known German coffee producer Miluxor.

A pilot project for the German market, the automation of the company canteen and catering service in general represents the evolution of automatic vending, consolidating its crucial role in today’s society.

A menu of fresh, delicious and healthy dishes packaged with completely sustainable materials that employees can pre-order, collect, pay for and consume at any time and without any need for canteen staff. The dishes, cooked and delivered by the Lunch4you division of FreshFood24, are made available to company employees via the vending machines specifically created by Rhea, which also dispense coffee, beverages and snacks to create a complete menu.  A company canteen transformation process made possible by technological innovation and accelerated in recent months by the new post-pandemic requirements of businesses which involve the complicated management of staff both onsite and working from home, and diversified canteen access times which make the efficient management of the processes and costs of the traditional company canteen more difficult.

“The classic “9 to 5” job no longer exists and the closure or limited accessibility of bars and restaurants in the vicinity of offices makes it more difficult to meet the lunch break needs of workers. For this reason we have come up with MrLunch, an automated, unstaffed canteen that can be designed in a modular way to meet the various needs of companies of all sizes”, comments Florjan Kamberi, Managing Director of FreshFood24. “Our experience in the large-scale preparation and distribution of high-quality meals, including vegetarian and vegan menus, is a guarantee of the level of service quality in the canteens. Miluxor rounds off the meals with its quality coffee while Rhea is the ideal partner thanks to its innovative designer machines which allow users to pay with apps and digital payment methods including the electronic vouchers used by businesses. A complete turnkey solution that permits various service options, including deliveries to employees working from home”, concludes Kamberi.

“We are really pleased to have been chosen by FreshFood24 for this innovative project and to have worked, also together with Miluxor, on the creation of a solution that guarantees the highest possible levels of food & beverage product quality. MrLunch is an example of how automation can bring innovations to the catering world, guaranteeing the same quality as an onsite kitchen while, at the same time, meeting new company food consumption requirements. Thanks to their close focus on design and the customisation opportunities they offer, our machines can be developed on the basis of the needs of every single client“,  explains Sven Kliebisch, General Manager of Rheavendors Servomat.

“We have been working with Rhea for years to provide the market with innovative coffee vending machines and MrLunch is a unique opportunity to complement the company coffee break experience on the German market with a catering service. The tried and tested quality and design guaranteed by the partnership with Rhea, together with the catering service supplied by FreshFood24, will allow us to offer valuable support to businesses, enabling them to make important management and cost savings while ensuring their employees an excellent canteen service”, comments Zlatko Milenkovski, CEO of Miluxor

Rheavendors Servomat, the German branch of Rhea Vendors Group since 1985, plays a key role in the innovation path of the Group. Germany was the launch market for the Variplus technology, for the new milk machine for fresh milk and for the telemetry technology that allows Rhea to significantly improve the assistance service.