The EVA is pleased to welcome its newest member: Simat

The European Vending Association welcomes Simat, a Catalan company, specialised in the manufacture of soluble products for vending machines.

Simat has been producing soluble products since 1979, and has continued to adapt its products to the most innovative technologies, as well as maintaining the very best standards in human resources.

Furthermore, Simat recently signed a partner­ship contract with the Department of R & D at the University of Barcelona, which aims to develop new products and production processes. They are considered pioneers in the industry regarding implementation of the ISO 9002 that ensures regularity and maximum quality of their processes.

Mr. Espriu, General Manager of the company stated: “It made sense for Simat to join the European Vending Association as our international expansion policy covers most of the European countries where the association is present. Moreover, we consider it important to take notice of advice given by the Association in terms of trends, legislation and operating methods. We believe that the EVA is the perfect partner that is able to provide us with relevant information about any developments affecting the vending industry at a European level. ”

The European Vending Association is very pleased to have Simat, whose products are customer-oriented, and whose objective is to meet the highest demands of both operators and consumers, as a new member. Catherine Piana, the EVA’s Director General, commented: “Currently, tailoring the offer is extremely important for the vending industry and it is therefore an asset for the Association to count Simat amongst its newest members.”