The AVA’s battle for common sense approach by Government

As the Welsh debate hit the headlines again, the news is the same and it still makes no sense. The AVA’s Jonathan Hilder, explained: “We met the leader of the opposition for the Welsh Assembly, Nick Bourne, recently to discuss the current guidelines and explain how the ban on vending is ludicrous and inconsistent with general policy.”

Jonathan was referring to a discussion with a restaurant manager in a Welsh hospital who confirmed that whilst he was not allowed to sell Coca Cola through the vending machine, he could sell as much as he liked through his restaurant, yet the machine was no more that 6 feet from the restaurant.

“This attempt to improve the nation’s health is fundamentally flawed as it just moves the point of purchase,” he said.

Questions will be raised in the Welsh Parliament and the discussions at the Vending Choice Conference, held in Cardiff, were interesting to say the least! The conference proved a huge success with over 60 people attending. There were lots of interesting speakers and more feedback to enable the AVA to challenge the Welsh Parliament. Presentations can be viewed on the AVA website.