Spike in sales of alternatives to plastic

4 Aces has reported an increase in sales of paper cups and cones to the water industry as this market continues to seek out alternatives to plastic single use cups, exploring options that may be more gentler on the environment while maintaining a user appeal.

Last year the disposable cup supplier launched a 7oz cold version of its signature swirl paper vending cup, aimed specifically at the water industry. The blue and white Aqua swirl has generated a following from those who want their offering to stand out, while sales of paper cones and the 7oz compostable PLANET cup have also spiked.

David Blake, sales director of 4 Aces explains: “There’s a general eagerness to explore alternatives to plastic however expense is a very real issue for the majority of operators and facilities managers. Our challenge is to provide enough choices to satisfy both ends of the spectrum and the cone is most definitely a cost-effective solution.

“Quick and easy for the end-user and the ideal solution for gyms, swimming pools and spas, paper cones are significantly cheaper than single use plastic and, so, tick all boxes. Alternatively, the 7oz Aqua swirl is available for those with more money to spend and a desire to impress. A quality item, it will elevate any brand in the eyes of its customers while our 7oz PLA cup offers an eco-friendly option.”