Solent cup recycling needs local support

The ‘Solent Cup Recycling Project’ needs local businesses to come on board.  It is based on the success of a similar scheme in Gosport launched in March and highlights the collaboration between Huhtamaki, Gosport Borough Council, Portsmouth City Council, Simply Cups, and Bettavend.

Local businesses are urged to join the scheme by contacting Simply Cups which is offering special promotional deals to kick start the launch and to encourage those in the PO and SO postcodes (excluding the Isle of Wight) to join the cup recycling project prior to the official launch date of  December 1. The project aims to significantly increase the number of used paper cups that are collected, recycled and turned into new functional products.

Project manager at Simply Cups, Maddie Hickman said: “Paper cups can be recycled and we want to encourage local businesses to join our recycling service.  The Gosport Cup Recycling Scheme has been really successful and now we’ve joined up with Portsmouth City Council which is equally enthusiastic to roll this project out across The Solent region. As an incentive to local businesses, we are offering reduced rates on cup collection membership as well as discounts on a range of cup recycling bins for those who join up before December 1, 2018.”

Working in partnership is crucial to the success of projects such as these and each organisation that joins the scheme brings valuable resources and further advances the success of the scheme.

Clare Moulson, marketing executive at Huhtamaki UK said: “We aim to continue to accelerate the number of cups being recycled and thus diverted from landfill.  Paper cups can and are being recycled and the Gosport Cup Recycling Scheme has acted as a catalyst for further cup recycling initiatives to be instigated.  The Solent Cup Recycling Project builds upon the success of the Gosport Scheme and we are keen to encourage as many businesses as possible to participate.  So, if you are a business, university, cinema or events/sporting venue, then we encourage you to make contact with Simply Cups to join the scheme.”