SmartSeal joins British Bottled Water Producers

[image]SmartSeal has joined British Bottled Water Producers as a supplier member.

SmartSeal produces ingenious ‘active closures’ and in an increasingly competitive market, they aim to help British water and soft drinks producers to gain an edge over the competition. The product is already selling well overseas.

SmartSeal’s active spill-proof closures are 100% effective, so are perfect for ‘on-the-go’ use.

Asked why he has joined British Bottled Water Producers, Paal Steensland, Head of Sales for Smartseal, said: “Joining the BBWP network will help us in building a presence and bringing the benefits of the SmartSeal product to UK bottlers who want to gain an edge over the competition.”

He added: “We’re seeing a strong increase in interest, stemming from the UK, as well as a growing customer base and so we are keen to participate as a member of the BBWP to align our company more closely with our British customers. In addition, as a supplier to the water and soft drinks industries, the BBWP web-site provides a good ‘one-stop shop’ for industry updates and news”.

Jo Jacobius, Director of British Bottled Water Producers, said: “When I first saw and used the SmartSeal Flex closure I wondered why on earth every water bottle didn’t employ this seemingly simple, yet smart, spill-proof technology. It is ingenious. We are therefore so excited to have SmartSeal join our network as this is a product that deserves wider recognition. ‘Amazing’ is an over-used word – but this truly is!”