Smarties sharing block in a recyclable paper wrapper

Nestlé’s Smarties sharing block is now being produced in a recyclable paper wrapper. Almost 3.5 million Smarties blocks are sold each year and the company sees this as an important next step in moving the Smarties confectionery range of products to paper packaging.

The Smarties block packaging is made from a coated paper that is widely recyclable. It is the first time that the technology Nestlé pioneered has been used for such widescale production.

Richard Watson, business executive officer for Nestlé Confectionery in the UK and Ireland said: “At Nestlé, we have committed to making 100% of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. But we know we need to go further – and we are looking at a range of more sustainable packaging solutions for our confectionery products that can have an impact now. Moving the Smarties confectionery range to paper is one demonstration of this intent, and we are very pleased to introduce the Smarties sharing block in a fully recyclable paper wrapper.”