Small on the outside, huge on the inside

coges2Launched at Venditalia in May, the MIFARE 2 reader, the latest in the Coges Engine range, is now available to purchasers.

MIFARE 2 is a remarkable step ahead of all previous models thanks to its compatibility with the DESFire standard, a special version of the MIFARE protocol, with higher security standards than the Classic version. The MIFARE 2 reader guarantees even greater security levels against computer fraud for your personal details .

The aesthetic aspects of the MIFARE 2 reader have also been refurbished so that it integrates better with the new vending machine models. Its streamlined design, glossy black polycarbonate appearance and compact size makes this device a stylish combination of design and technology, representing a core asset for the vending machine end customers. Its sturdy component materials, red and green LED indicators and back-lighting system ensure simple and immediate use of the payment interface.

Alongside the new MIFARE 2 reader, the COGES branded MIFARE tags are also now available for credit support, both in the practical fob version customised with univocal serial numbers, and the versatile adhesive version that can be affixed to any object, turning it into a MIFARE memory device.

The Coges Engine system has received an enthusiastic welcome from the Vending industry thanks to its ability to adapt to market requirements and technological innovation with minimal effort. The main goal of the Engine system concerns the payments at the vending machine, exploiting the complete range of cashless readers supplied by Coges.