Sleek and stylish dispenser

Marco has launched a complete range of hot and cold undercounter water systems.

These systems provide fresh, healthy drinking water to businesses and their customers. FRIIA is the most stylish, sleek and space-saving way to dispense a variety of hot, cold or sparkling water and allows businesses to create and serve a wide variety of beverages such as tea, coffee, sparkling lemonade, fruit infusions and more from a single system.

FRIIA has transformed in 2020, with its range extension and the new release of our FRIIA Hands-Free. Coming in early 2021, our touchless new FRIIA HF (Hands-free) cold water tap is the ideal solution for any office, convenience or retail location that wants to serve refreshing chilled water quickly, easily, and safely. The FRIIA HF Cold Tap eliminates the touchpoint ensuring a safe working environment at any business place.

FRIIA has been specified in a wide range of high-profile, stylish locations across the world. The systems are 23% more energy-efficient than leading competitors and the award-winning design is compatible with any location aesthetic. FRIIA is easy to install, service and maintain.