Selecta introduces its micro market concept in Germany

European route-based unattended self-service retailer, Selecta, has introduced its FOODIE’S micro market workplace solution in Germany. The first FOODIE’S micro market concept was opened in Frankfurt, and the concept is now offered throughout Germany.

FOODIE’S micro market is an unattended self-service market offering healthy and great tasting food and drinks for employees in the workplace 24/7. FOODIE’S can be perfectly integrated into any workplace environment providing fresh meals on demand. With FOODIE’S, company employees will enjoy a new way to experience workplace refreshments throughout the day.

Managing director Germany and Austria at Selecta Manuela Zimmermann said: “We are very happy to introduce FOODIE’S in Germany, expanding our unattended service portfolio. Companies are looking for more flexible snack and meal options to serve their diverse workforce on demand, and this is where micro markets play an important role.”

Tijs van Bladel, group innovation program manager at Selecta, said: “FOODIE’S is a great example of how we are constantly innovating and looking to develop new concepts to meet our customers’ evolving needs,”

“By thinking about how we could best meet the growing demand for healthy meals and snacks in the 24/7 workplace, we came up with our state-of-the-art FOODIE’S micro market concept.”

The Selecta micro market concepts are now available in the Benelux, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.