Save the date for Venditalia

The 11th edition of Venditalia will take place from Wednesday, June 6 to Saturday, June 9 in Milan.

As the exhibition takes place every two years, next year it will celebrate 20 years of success in the automatic vending industry. A spokesman said: “This is a symbolic goal that will provide an opportunity to photograph the transformation of vending over the last two decades. The two distinct features that constitute the industry’s evolution are, on the one hand, the constant improvement of product quality and sustainability, and on the other, the progressive circulation of vending machines in urban centres. Vending is, in short, ever-improving, green, and easily available to everyone.”

The international showcase promises to provide industry breakthroughs, innovation and cutting-edge technology to visitors.

Over 300 exhibitors from across the world are expected to be in attendance, making the exhibition, one of the most important global showcases for this sector.

Venditalia is the international trade fair for automatic vending, organised by Venditalia Servizi and promoted by Confida, the trade association which represents the diverse product groups in the entire automatic vending sector.