Recycled plastic wrapping used for chocolate bar favourite

Mondelēz International has announced its Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Mini Snowballs 110g sharing bars, which are made in Bournville and sold in the UK and Ireland, are now wrapped in packaging with 30% recycled plastic (using the mass balance approach). The company has started to roll out the packaging innovation on more than 28 million sharing bars. 

Using the mass balance approach the post-consumer, recycled plastic packaging will be independently certified by ISCC and supplied in partnership with Amcor, a specialist in developing and producing responsible packaging for food and other industries and signals the high demand for this material within the UK. 

This world first for Cadbury is part of Mondelēz International’s wider global goal to reduce the use of virgin plastic material in its overall plastic packaging portfolio by 5% by 2025, assuming constant portfolio mix.