Ready to drink iced coffee makes its way to vending

cafermio smallDistribution and marketing company Velt Enterprises has announced that premium iced coffee drink Cafemio is now available for vending.

Director Jonathan Raymond commented that after identifying a gap in the market, he began searching for an iced coffee brand that would be perfect for vending. Cafemio had the right packaging, a good shelf life and most importantly was available at a fair price, retailing at around £1.20.

Cafemio iced coffee is available in three flavours, Cappuccino, Macchiato and Intenso. Velt Enterprises reported that the Intenso flavour is proving to be hit, particularly in the workplace. “With the ready to drink coffee market continuing to grow, it was only a matter of time until someone introduced a vending friendly option,” said a company spokesperson. “With the energy drink market so over populated, Cafemio is a much needed breath of fresh air, offering consumers an alternative source for their lunch time energy fix.”

Cafemio iced coffee is available from Automatic Retailing or direct from Velt Enterprises.