Ramada refreshes customer service

Visitors to Ramada Jarvis hotels across the UK can now enjoy great tasting refreshments from Mars Drinks at any time of day. This forms part of a three-year extension agreement between Mars Drinks and Ramada Jarvis for Flavia machines across the hotel group’s UK sites.

Flavia drink stations will be located around the Ramada Jarvis Hotels ‘Summit Conference’ centres, where delegates will be able to choose from an impressive selection of quality, hot drinks whenever they want during their meetings.

“The Flavia drinks machines give our customers an excellent range of freshly-brewed, refreshing hot drinks and are quick and easy to use,” said Debbie Walter, Food and Beverage Purchasing Director at Ramada Jarvis Hotels.

Flavia customer

Ramada Jarvis Hotels has been a Flavia customer for over five years. The new agreement will see additional drinks machines being installed, as well as a new Klix vending machine installed at the company’s head office.

“We were keen to expand our working relationship with Mars Drinks,” continued Debbie Walter. “Its machines are reliable and any queries we have are handled quickly and professionally. Order placing and delivery has also always been hassle free.”

Ian McGrady, Sales Director at Mars Drinks, commented: “Service is of paramount importance in the hotel industry. Being able to expand our working relationship with Ramada Jarvis Hotels is a great reflection of how both organisations put customers first.”

The agreement includes 117 Flavia Creation 400 machines. Further expansion is expected with the installation of Klix machines for all out-of-hours hotel areas and staff facilities.