PHS Waterlogic water dispenser delivers smaller carbon footprint

An independent study conducted by environmental consultancy Sustain has established that PHS Waterlogic’s WL2000 point-of-use water dispenser has a carbon footprint up to 72% smaller than bottled water coolers.

Speaking about the results, David Matthews, Managing Director of PHS Waterlogic said: “As companies and organisations look to reduce their carbon footprint, it is getting increasingly hard to identify the ways in which this can be achieved.

Companies can make savings through simple solutions such as the reduction of transport and paper usage, and can save energy directly through switching off lights and computers etc. But if they want to achieve further savings, it is up to third party suppliers such as PHS Waterlogic to show how this can be achieved.

“We commissioned this study to show facilities managers and businesses how they can make additional carbon savings. This study shows that moving to a WL2000 mains fed watercooler results in considerable carbon savings over a bottled water cooler and will help to reduce the carbon ‘bottom line’ for companies and organisations looking to make environmental savings.”

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