Partnership to expand Smartfridge offer

Selecta, Europe’s leading route-based unattended self-service provider, has signed a long-standing exclusive partnership agreement with Instant Systems Sweden to expand the Group’s Smartfridge offer across its European markets.

Selecta introduced the concept in Sweden in June through the launch of two new smart fridge solutions: Selecta Deli and Selecta Minicooler. Selecta designed the 24/7 self-service solutions to provide simple and flexible catering solutions for different workplace needs.

The unattended alternative to kiosks and small canteens offer a range of fresh and convenient food, salads, sandwiches, snacks, coffee and chilled drinks at the workplace. They can be operated quickly and easily via an app or credit card, and provide workplaces with a secure, theft-free and convenient catering option.

Christian Schmitz, chief executive of Selecta Group, said: “We understand the importance of providing employees with convenient access to a wide range of food and drink grab-and-go options. We’ve had a fantastic response to our Smartfridges since we launched the concept earlier this year, and we’re delighted to be partnering with Instant Systems to further expand this offering across our European markets.”

Kristian Silbvers, chief executive of Instant Systems, said: “We are thrilled to be working closely with Selecta. No other operator in Europe has the capacity to roll out and operate this new technology to the scale that Selecta can. Together we aim to set a new standard within the market, improving millions of people’s day-to-day convenience. This partnership is also strategically important for Instant Systems since the massive growth of transactions ensures that our technology continues to evolve and continues to remain state-of-the-art.”