Partners in water

BRITA has announced a major partnership with Eden Springs to improve accessibility to BRITA filtered water via EdenSprings point of use machines across the UK. The partnership brings together EdenSprings’ POU expertise and existing service network, with the world’s leading water filtration brand, to offer customers access to BRITA filtered water in offices, public buildings and other out of home environments.
Growing concerns regarding the environmental impact of the transportation of bottled water, as well as an increasing need for convenience and value for money, has led to growing demand for plumbed-in water coolers. Not only does this new partnership provide a strong product and brand offering to the point of use market, but it brings with it the additional environmental benefit that all BRITA filter cartridges are 100 per cent recyclable.
Graeme Carruthers, EdenSprings’ Commercial Director said: “The strategic vision of both companies is clearly aligned towards providing the optimum hydration solutions for the home and workplace alike. By adding BRITA’s filtration technology to EdenSprings’ products and service network we can offer our customers access to great tasting Brita filtered water in the office and as well as at home.”
Neal Jones, BRITA Marketing Director, comments: “Millions of UK homes have already chosen BRITA filtered water at home. This partnership brings to those same consumers access to the consistent quality and taste of BRITA filtered water when they are away from home”.