Online vending & coffee solutions hub launches

The European Vending and Coffee Services Association (EVA) will launch a year-long virtual industry platform during an event on 27 & 28 May.

The Vending & Coffee Solutions Hub has been designed as a unique virtual platform where participants are able to meet the major European industry players, starting on 27 & 28 May with its launch event and continuing for a full year.

Upon registration, participants will access the Hub through its virtual lobby which provides a choice between the three main areas: the Auditorium, the Exhibition Hall and the Lounge Room.

The Auditorium will feature regular conferences and webinars, Q&A sessions and speaking opportunities. During the launch, a full programme will cover a range of topics including the future of cash and digital payments, developments in packaging, changing consumer behaviours, new business for vending, coffee trends and sustainable practices in the industry. These topical speeches will be complemented with input from sponsors and expert speeches.

Another key element of the Hub is the Exhibition Hall where the latest industry innovations can be discovered, and business leads and contacts can be made. The Hub will allow participants to set up chat or video appointments with exhibitors, and messages can be followed up. Finally, any documents, videos and contacts from the Exhibition Hall can be saved and ‘taken away’ to study in more detail afterwards.

EVA Members can have a free virtual booth on the Hub for the entire year, meaning the major industry players will have a permanent and contactable presence.

The Hub aims to be more than just a virtual experience though, and that is why through the Lounge Room it offers a social experience with human exchanges. The Lounge Room will open several chat rooms to allow participants to meet each other and have direct or group chat discussions with experts and sponsors, as well and addressing questions regarding the various webinars and conferences. The chat room will be a relaxed environment to allow participants networking moments with colleagues, partners and friends.

The Hub will be accessible for one year. After the initial two-day launch the EVA will organise several other events on the platform throughout the year, while the Exhibition Hall and Lounge Room will remain continually open. This will aid vending companies to get in direct contact with each other and hopefully help facilitate the contacts and discussions that would normally take place at physical EVA events and industry exhibitions.

While the Hub will naturally have a European focus, the EVA is confident that it will have a global reach due to the fact that access to the platform will be completely free upon registration.

To register and to access the platform