New vending format stirs up the market

Ferrero Foodservice has launched its new vending format hot chocolate out-of-home and also its first bakery product – the Nutella Muffin.

From table-top to self-serve machines, Thorntons Luxury Hot Chocolateis expected to complement your coffee offering.

Made with Thorntons chocolate, and already containing milk powder, all you have to do is add water to create a luxurious tasting hot chocolate backed with 100 years of British chocolate making expertise.

The new vending format is suitable for cafés and garden centres, pubs and restaurants, as well as education and travel operators who are passionate about creating a quality and consistent hot drink experience, that will drive profits.

Thorntons Hot Chocolate Powder is available in 1kg pillow packs to help the vending market exceed consumer expectations. With 90% of consumers saying they would buy a hot chocolate made with Thorntons, operators can tap into this market with a trusted and loved brand.

Zareen Deboo, foodservice operations manager, Ferrero UK & Ireland explained: “Chocolate fans are increasingly looking for the best hot chocolate experience on offer and something different to what they would drink at home. A consistent and quality offering is the secret to repeat business – barista standard hot chocolate is a must. Thorntons ticks all of these boxes and is the perfect hot drink out-of-home solution.”

Branded table-top machine
As well as utilising Thorntons luxury taste, operators can also get their hands on a Thorntons branded table-top machine. This machine provides rapid dispensing of hot chocolate at the simple touch of a button. It is described as being easy to fill and maintain and would fit well in self service areas in hotels, service stations and waiting areas.

Nutella Muffin
Made with Nutella, the Ferrero Foodservice’s Nutella Muffin is a fluffy artisanal-style muffin, made using fine ingredients – including sourdough and yogurt – for a smooth and soft textured bake that tastes delicious.

The muffin is baked, then filled with Nutella and frozen, in order to preserve it until it reaches the retailer or café. It can be thawed and served in just two hours.

Available now, the launch will support operators looking to give their food-to-go offering the edge as sales rise and research reveals that 64% of consumers are on the lookout for more exciting options. The new product has been developed to satisfy consumer demand and help operators boost their on-the-go offerings and profits.

The Nutella Muffin is thought to be a good choice for breakfast on-the-go or can be enjoyed as a snack.

Zareen said: “We’ve seen a huge rise in consumer appetite for recipes that include Nutella, especially over the last year as home-bakers elevated their favourite bakes with our famous spread. In fact, Google has over 2.5k searches for ‘Nutella muffin recipes’ each month! With that in mind, there has never been a better time for operators to get in on the action! And what better way to do it than by combining the nation’s favourite bakery item with the Nutella – it’s bakery brand power at its best!”

She added: “Ferrero is a trusted brand when it comes to quality products, and we’re committed to helping operators offer exciting bakery items. The new Nutella Muffin means consumers don’t need to miss out and caterers can meet the need for delicious bakery options out of home.”