New integrated handheld software benefits vending

Leading technology company, Knowledge Online has launched its anticipated -Survey software for the vending industry. The new technology is said to improve the speed and accuracy of surveys, through the convenience of real-time and automated survey creation on a PDA.
This new venture will see field-based sales employees equipped with handheld PDA’s, loaded with the market-leading electronic survey software E-Survey.  All the traditional paper-based forms will be programmed into the new electronic format. This new system will be able to provide real-time survey submission to the business resulting in a faster sign off process for site selection. With less need for manual survey write-ups, which in turn reduces the margin of error and double entries, the software ultimately raises sales levels through improved productivity and accuracy.
All forms are filled out on site via the PDA and then instantly submitted, enabling the business to have access to this information immediately rather than waiting for surveys to be written up manually and then sent in, as has historically happened. The E-Survey software is ideal for any business that relies on field survey information.
Other benefits that this new solution can deliver include the increased productivity of employees, notably:

  • Field-based staff are no longer required to write up survey submissions manually which includes processing multiple photographs. This allows them more time to spend with customers and prospects.
  • The accuracy of information submitted via automated screen prompts on the PDA ensures that all surveys are correctly filled in resulting in no return visits or delays in the submission process.
  • The faster approval process improves the communication process with the client providing differentiation from any competitors.

Andy McDonald, Managing Director of KOL said: ‘E-Survey is an essential component to industry where real-time data collection is a vital part of the company’s business model. Unlike paper-based reporting, it allows clients to build their own complex task based forms and download these to their mobile workforce. By working in real-time long decision processes can be instantly reduced, increasing the profitability and productivity of a company”.