New hot chocolate for vending

Aimia Foods, independent supplier of hot and cold beverages, has expanded its vending offer with the introduction of Freshers Granulated Hot Chocolate.

In line with consumers’ demand for a more continental chocolate taste, the new recipe has a higher cocoa content than standard vending chocolate. This gives it a slightly darker milk chocolate flavour that is richer and more satisfying than ever before. Freshers Granulated Hot Chocolate is also free from hydrogenated vegetable oils and contains no trans-fatty acids, making it a healthier option for the heart.

The granulated formulation of the recipe offers excellent flow in vending machines, with very low dust, making it easier to handle than traditional powder products.

Simon Kershaw, Vending Sector Marketing Manager at Aimia Foods, says: “Freshers Granulated Hot Chocolate is not only improved operationally and in terms of health, but it is excellent value for money. The product’s concentrated recipe means each 750g bag produces 50 cups of hot chocolate – each requiring just a 15-17g serving, less than the standard gram throw of 20g for traditional powdered hot chocolate vending products.”

The new packaging incorporates a fresh, contemporary, eye-catching design which clearly illustrates all the benefits of the product. Freshers Granulated Hot Chocolate Drink is available in 10 x 750g packs.