New General Manager for AVS

louiseAn exciting new era began on the 19th January 2015, when Louise Cummings commenced her career as General Manager of Associated Vending Services.

“The appointment of someone from outside the industry and a lady too, has caused quite a stir,” admitted John Ferguson, Chairman of AVS and current member of the year.

“Louise’s background is in the logistics business,” continued John.  “Her recent roles have been very much concentrated around ensuring products arrive on time with customers, which has involved managing large teams and producing solutions. She has immense personality and her experience in procurement management and organisation will be most useful.  As one of my colleagues commented,  she comes to AVS with no pre conceived ideas or thoughts on how we can best work together. It can only be positive!”

AVS friend and former CEO for 18 years, Brian Tustain, has kindly agreed to mentor her into the industry for several weeks.