New financial controller at Excel Vending

excel vendingExcel Vending is delighted to announce the arrival of Thomas Ward as financial controller, heading up a team of five in the finance department.

Jane MacDonald, managing director at Excel, said: “Excellent stewardship over the past 23 years has got us to the stage we are at today, however we are continuing to expand and we are bringing in the right people throughout the business to ensure continued growth. Thomas Ward’s appointment is indicative of how seriously we take our relationship with the customers. It’s more than just an efficient account manager on the other end of the phone, we are keen to ensure that our customers receive the best possible attention even in financial and administrative matters”.

Thomas Ward brings a new level of expertise to the business, the company claims. Vending solutions are evolving all the time, and Thomas’s financial expertise will ensure its customers get the most financially efficient deals for them, and that they get a level of reporting that is second to none in the industry.