New concept of turnkey micro-stores designed for professionals unveiled

BOXY, a specialist in autonomous retail outlets in France, boasting more than 30 connected groceries in the Greater Paris area, continues its expansion by refocusing its activities on its technology, the company’s historical strength, to introduce a new offering for professionals.
The French startup has designed new smart refrigerators and furniture, true plug-and-play micro-stores, suitable for placement in both private settings (companies, collective dining facilities, hotels, fitness centers, etc.) and semi-private locations (clinics, campuses, airports, gas stations, etc.).
These refrigerators and furniture pieces, referred to as “modules,” enable the provision or sale of both food and non-food products 24/7. Two modules are offered: BOXY Fresh, designed for the storage of various fresh products excluding frozen items (ready-made meals, meat products, cheeses, etc.), and BOXY Ambient, suitable for all types of dry food or non-food items (hygiene products, electronics, books, etc.). Any configuration is possible, whether it’s using a single module or the juxtaposition of multiple ones to create a complete retail space according to the professional’s preferences.
These modules are equipped with remote management software that allows for easy control over module assortments, sales tracking, stock management, and much more with just a few clicks. BOXY’s expertise in the distribution sector has enabled the development of a software that addresses key operational challenges. BOXY also provides its customers with personalized daily support to ensure the management and maintenance of the modules and offers professional guidance throughout the collaboration.
“Our modules rely on cutting-edge technology, which has proven itself in our current network of autonomous stores with already more than 660,000 transactions! The shelves within the modules are equipped with scales that can recognize product movements, ensuring an accuracy of over 99% in identifying purchased items. A remote management software guarantees easy control of the modules. To date, our software is the most advanced on the market and the easiest to use,” explains David Gabai, BOXY Co-founder.
With this new offering, BOXY now caters to professionals in automatic distribution, hospitality, collective catering, healthcare, sports, education, entertainment, and any other entity seeking to operate and profit from self-service outlets, whether existing or new.
This technological refocus enables the company to meet a significant demand from professionals who have shown a keen interest in BOXY’s technology for many years, with a preference for smaller store formats than the current ones. This increasing demand can also be attributed to the growing interest of French consumers in autonomous retail outlets. According to the results of the BOXY survey “French Consumers and Proximity,” conducted in partnership with OpinionWay before the summer of 2023, these consumers wish to see an expansion of autonomous retail outlets in places they frequently visit, such as train stations (33%), parking lots (32%), campuses (28%), hospitals/clinics (27%), and highway rest areas (20%).
“To meet this high demand from both professionals and consumers, we now leverage our proven technology in the B2C space. Whether we offer autonomous stores for the general public or autonomous modules for professionals, our mission remains the same: to make self-service commerce simple and accessible to everyone” concludes David Gabai, Co-founder of BOXY. The new BOXY solution is already available and offered for sale or leasing.