National Tea Day plans virtual tea party

This year National Tea Day will be celebrating its 5th anniversary on April 21 with a virtual tea party. This will be part of a SOLIDARI-TEA campaign aimed at bringing people together online during isolation and aims to promote the idea of physical distancing, not social distancing.

Organisers said: “Human being are social creatures. In times of stress and illness we naturally reach out to seek and to give support amongst family, friends and community. The coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately necessitated self-isolation and physical distancing. And we know that this can lead to loneliness, anxiety and depression. We want to use National Tea Day on April 21 to do our part in helping people stay connected, through our SOLIDARI-TEA campaign.

“During the week leading up to National Tea Day on April 21, we’ll invite everyone to the National Tea Day Virtual Tea Party on Facebook Groups. Par-tea goers are encouraged to share posts of their favourite teas, recipes, well-being tips, brewing techniques, anything and everything tea related.

“Over the years many celebrities have posted pictures of them having a cuppa, and this year we want everyone to take part.

“Our charity partner is Mind. It’s never been more important to talk about the mental impact of isolation and loneliness. That’s why we’re proud to support Mind as our official charity partner in raising awareness around mental health. We believe in the power of tea to bring people together in times of need, helping combat feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression.”