Mind-blowing interactive user experience

Meet MARV, a new concept in mobile vending machines using multi-touch technology…

popcorn-lobby-film-360 croppedDiversified technology company 3M featured MARV (Media and Advertising Racing Vehicle) on the 3M booth at ISE 2015 last week.  MARV is a mobile vending machine developed by Candy Network that incorporates 3M Multi-Touch technology, chosen for its durability and consistent, rapid interaction with its users.

The three-wheeled vehicles are aimed at venues such as multiplex cinemas, theme parks, retail outlets and sports arenas and even on the beach. People can use the 3M multi-touch screen to choose consumer packaged goods and at the same time, access discounts (which can be applied then or redeemed at a nearby store), play games or enter competitions. Up to five products can be dispensed at any one time.

MARV supports the latest payment technologies including iBeacon and Apple Pay. It can gather customer data and information about purchasing habits. MARV units can be customised, for instance they can be ‘dressed’ to promote a particular movie or sporting event.  As well as a sales and promotional tool, MARV can also be used as information points for local citizens.