Metcalfe’s launches salted caramel popcorn and extends new look across the range

Salted caramel is the newest flavour to be added to Metcalfe’s range of skinny popcorn.

The new flavour is being launched in sharing and impulse packs and capitalises on the popular sweet and savoury trend, but with 30% less saturated fat then typical salted caramel popcorn on the market.

Also, the updated packaging design, which was introduced at the end of last year on Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn, will be rolled out across the extended Metcalfe’s range of popcorn crisps, popcorn thins and ricecakes.

The new creative combines bold colour schemes, with simplified layouts and messaging, which appeals to a broad customer base.

Andy Verney, head of impulse, said: “Recent trends indicate a rise in consumer demand for sweet and savoury flavours and lighter, better-for-you snacks so we’re excited about salted caramel – a product that ticks both boxes. We’re also pleased to extend the updated packaging design across the range which provides much more impact and successfully brings Metcalfe’s lighter brand personality to life.”