McCoy’s get twisted

Operators are set to enjoy a boost to their sales with the launch of the latest McCoy’s limited edition variant, McCoy’s Twisted, from United Biscuits. This takes classic McCoy’s flavours and adds a twist of chilli, and includes a Salt & Malt Vinegar with Chilli 50g handy pack and a multipack of three packs of Salt & Malt Vinegar with Chilli and three packs of Cheddar & Onion with Jalapeno.

McCoy’s is one of the UK’s biggest bagged snacks brands worth £89 million at retail sales value, growing at 4 per cent. Helen Warren-Piper, Marketing Director of Bagged Snacks at UBUK, comments: “The McCoy’s Twisted limited edition range provides operators with the opportunity to capitalise on the growing trend for unique snack flavours”.

In addition to the new limited edition variants, the McCoy’s range has recently undergone a packaging refresh to emphasise a further 30 per cent reduction in saturated fat levels.