Marco upspecs its best-selling Filtro Shuttle

Marco Beverage Systems, has improved its best-selling Filtro Shuttle bulk filter coffee brewer with a host of new features.

Launched to great acclaim three years ago, the Filtro Shuttle is a 6-litre coffee brewer with a mobile urn, which may be removed for use at remote locations It is a compact bulk brewer – less than 300mm in width – that brews filter coffee at the touch of a button. It is designed and manufactured to meet the European Coffee Brewing Centre’s standards and to deliver coffee in line with the SCAE’s Gold Cup certification standard. Being insulated, the urn will keep coffee hot with minimal deterioration for up to two hours. It is ideal for venues with a medium to high volume requirement for coffee, such as hotels and restaurants, where coffee needs to be prepared in advance and for self-service applications, such as conference centres, workplace meeting rooms and staff restaurants.

Now its specification has been improved for 2010 with programmable brew batch sizes, pre-infusion and pulse brewing for improved extraction control. There are now three fully programmable batch sizes, up to the full urn capacity of six litres. This means that caterers can choose for themselves how much to brew. Such flexibility is a boon and will result in less coffee wastage when smaller quantities are called for. The Filtro Shuttle is also equipped with a pre-infusion feature and pulse brewing. This allows different brews for different coffees to be defined without engineer input, allowing tighter control of brewing parameters, with improved extraction the continued goal . The water spray head has also been modified to optimise the spray pattern, ensuring improved coverage across the brew bed, irrespective of brew volume.

Additionally, the basket lock time has been extended to cover drip time. That means the basket can only be removed when the brew is complete. This saves messy drips and avoids the danger of scalding. The Filtro Shuttle can be used with pre-portioned coffee sachets or is suitable for grind-on-demand systems.

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