Lavazza and Pepsico announce partnership To bring premium iced coffee product to market

Lavazza and PepsiCo are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to launch the first premium ready-to-drink iced coffee product from the Lavazza brand in the UK. The partnership will see the two companies join their respective strengths across marketing, sales and distribution to officially launch the new proposition to market in Summer 2019.

Lavazza’s indisputable expertise in high quality coffee sourcing and roasting, as well as consumer marketing and product development, blended with the strength of existing beverage know-how from PepsiCo, creates the perfect partnership to tap into the increased demand for premium iced coffee.

The UK launch is the first step of a strategic collaboration between Lavazza and PepsiCo in Europe, aimed at innovating in this rapidly growing segment. Following the launch, both companies will work together to broaden the offering with new products, as well as expand into new markets in 2020.

“We are proud to cooperate with PepsiCo as we enter the fast growing iced coffee segment for the first time,” said Sergio Cravero, Chief Marketing Officer of Lavazza Group. “Lavazza’s commitment to quality, combined with PepsiCo’s expertise, allows us to explore and offer in certain strategic markets more and more ways to enjoy coffee, in line with the international vocation of the Group to grow on a global scale.”

Lavazza is the iconic Italian coffee brand with the distinctive feature of offering the Italian coffee experience in all its forms, as well as possessing indisputable expertise in coffee selection and roasting, and delivering high quality in-cup results. This strength combined with PepsiCo’s expertise brings an exciting new proposition to the UK – Lavazza Iced Cappuccino – a premium ready-to-drink product that celebrates Lavazza’s Italian origins.

“PepsiCo is very excited to be introducing Lavazza Iced Cappuccino to the UK market. This is the start of a collaborative partnership with Lavazza where we plan to innovate and bring to market new offerings based on consumer insights and preferences in the growing premium coffee space. We look forward to building on this initial offering and setting the stage for European expansion in 2020,” said Mark Kirkham, Vice President and Head of Marketing, PepsiCo West Europe Beverages.

Lavazza Iced Cappuccino includes the intense taste of Lavazza coffee blended perfectly with milk to offer the perfect coffee refreshment.

Available in a 100% recyclable, premium can, Lavazza Iced Cappuccino is the ideal product for those who love the irresistible experience of the best Lavazza coffee.

For over 120 years, Lavazza has been working to create coffee blends and make them unique, perfectly combining the body, aromas and flavours recognized worldwide as Lavazza coffee while assuring quality across the brand’s supply chain, from buying the commodity and blending to roasting, grinding and right through to the cup.