Launch of BevMax 3

The Vending Corporation has launched the new BevMax 3 bottle and can vendor throughout the UK. The product of a multi million dollar investment, it is said to have been designed to ensure that the BevMax range maintains its position as the world’s leading glass front can and bottle vendor.
The Vending Corporation introduced the first BevMax into the UK in 1999, and the latest model represents the 3rd generation of this highlyacclaimed vendor. It incorporates the latest in vending technology to increase productivity and profitability for vending operators.
BevMax 3 features a new raised automated ‘picker’ cup to enhance vend reliability and reduce the total vend cycle to less than eight seconds. Features also include dual gate, shimless vending (DGSV) – enabling vends of almost any shape and size of bottle or can while preventing product from falling should the machine be rocked. A new coin chute has also been developed to improve coin handling.
Of particular interest to today’s operators will be design features enabling the BevMax 3 to be manoeuvred from all sides using a standard pallet truck and easy, convenient access even when the vendor is banked or adjacent to a wall.
The emphasis behind the development of the latest machine has been on full product visibility, reliability in the field and the launch of a vendor that enhances the experience of both customer and operator.