Kairos, can I have an espresso?

QuestIT, a spin-off of the Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the University of Siena, and Rhea, producer of customized vending machines, took part in WAICF, a global event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in Cannes, where its coffee machine virtual assistant was showcased.

Rhea introduced its Kairos automatic coffee machine where a virtual assistant interacts with the consumer and serves a coffee at the voice command “Kairos, can I have an espresso?”

This is thanks to the Artificial Intelligence developed in cooperation with QuestIT.

“I was fascinated by the communicative potential of Kairos, as well as the quality of the coffee, at an event at Ca’ Foscari, in Venice. I immediately realized that with our expertise in AI, we could increase its potential by integrating our voice assistant Algho: a conversational avatar able to humanize coffee machines and turn them into a tool for entertainment and inclusion,” said Marco Landi, President of QuestIT.

“We have always believed in the importance of innovation based on cutting-edge technology to improve not only the performance of machines, but above all the consumer experience, to make it more inclusive and responsive to their expectations,” said Andrea Pozzolini, chief executive of Rhea.

“We are constantly engaged in research to harness the potential of artificial. We are collaborating with various companies and institutions, and we are happy to add vending to the scope and create an increasingly innovative coffee break with Rhea,” said Ernesto Di Iorio, chief executive of QuestIT.