Jakob Gerhardt GmbH join The EVA

The company, Jakob Gerhardt GmbH, was created in 1969 as a trading company for Vending machines, ingredients and technical service. Its founder, Mr. Jakob Gerhardt, had an idea to manufacture a vending machine for hot drinks that would feature improvements in comparison to other regular vending machines in 1994. The result today is a company that has become a leader in the vending machine manufacturers industry, managed successfully by Mr. Gerhardt’s two sons, Bernd and Ralf. Its products combine workmanship, sound innovative technology and design.

Bernd Gerhardt stated: “Our company started building hot drinks vending machines in 1994. It took us some five years to gain the confidence of our customers in Germany and Austria. But, as we became increasingly active in other European countries, with our range of high quality machines, it was the logical consequence for us to become a member of the EVA.”

The European Vending Association will rapidly become its reference in Brussels in terms of lobbying. Moreover, Gerhardt will benefit from a special position for networking with other EVA members. Catherine Piana, General Director of the EVA, commented “We are confident that Jakob Gerhardt’s membership will add value to the European Vending Association. The arrival of a member with such attributes is very positive for the Association.”