Innovative ‘shrinking machine’ technology launched


Smart Vend Modular System 2

Vending equipment supply and maintenance company Smart Vend Solutions will debut manufacturer SandenVendo’s modular ‘shrinking machine’ technology at the industry’s renowned EU’Vend show in Cologne on September 24-26.

The modular system allows the mechanical element of Smart Vend’s G Drink design line units to be physically separated from the electronic part – reducing the main cabinet by 20cm. The system enables the machines to fit through much narrower doorways, a move which significantly reduces limitations on unit access and presents operators with far greater freedom to position vending machines at previously inaccessible prime locations within their business with ease.

By removing the restrictions to the positioning of the largest, full-capacity machines, businesses can ensure that staff or service users have access to a much greater choice of vended food and drinks anywhere on the premises, with entrances to lifts no longer inaccessible.

Smart Vend Solution MD Malcolm Standage commented: “For operators, we believe this technology which enables the world’s most portable full capacity vending machine makes vending even more accessible and cost-effective than ever. For users, this system means a greater selection of vended goods to choice from wherever you work. We’re very exciting that this technology will be on show for the first time in Europe later this month at EU Vend.”