Innovations from AA First

The Klaran WC UVC LED Shield is now available factory installed into the AA First range of direct chill coolers or can be supplied as a separate unit for self-installation.

The Klaran WC UVC LED Shield uses UV LED technology to destroy 99%+ of cryptosporidium, giardia, e-coli, pseudomonas, legionella and other waterborne bacteria, which ensures that the drinking water is safe.

Once installed it works 24/7 and in contrast to traditional UV lights it is virtually maintenance free, with no mercury lamp or quartz sleeve to be replaced. It has an effective life span of over five years.

The solution can also be supplied for self-installation into a Direct Chill Cooler Park.

The Klaran WC UVC LED Shield is seen as an opportunity to reverse the financial “race to the bottom” – by offering customers safer drinking water.

Cosmetal appoints AA First as distributor 

AA First has been appointed by Cosmetal as a UK distributor to supply its range of higher capacity water coolers. Cosmetal Coolers will be supplied from stock supported by AA First.

Contact Peter Benson at or phone 01635 202489

AA First contactless systems avoid COVID-19 transmission 

AA First’s ArcticChill 88 CL2 Contactless Cooler uses infra-red technology to avoid hand to tap contamination. It maintains the solenoid dispensing option for a time after COVID-19. The ArcticChill 88CL2 Direct Chill Cooler is available as a floor standing and table top unit.

A newly introduced GLASSFILLER CL adds to AA First’s contactless offering. This is a contactless swan neck tap which can be connected to an under-sink chiller or water fountain.

For more information go to our website or email or phone 01635 202489