Increase in sale of greener options

4 Aces has reported an increase in sales of its environmentally-friendly range of products. The marketing surrounding this latest range of 7oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz, compostable, PLA hot cups and the growing public interest in green alternatives is said to have driven a surge in demand for biodegradable products, including the popular packaging specialist’s selection of biodegradable, paper water cones and its PLA cold cup range.

The paper, biodegradable hot and cold PLA cups carry the internationally recognised seedling logo and comply to EU certification for compostable packaging, which means that they will disintegrate in the correct industrial facilities for disposal within 12 weeks.

David Blake, sales director of 4 Aces says: “The industries we supply cups and auxiliary products too, such as the vending, water and HoReCa industries, are all now considering single use plastic in the same light. There is huge pressure for companies operating in these sectors to review their use of plastics and provide more environmentally friendly solutions, while considering their recycling efforts.

“With 17 years of experience, our job is as much to educate and to advise and so customers are turning to us for guidance, with regard to the use of plastic cups. The plastic cups are still selling well and we’re informing customers that these cups can be recycled widely; they don’t necessarily need to change their purchasing habits.

“Given that, in the water industry, for instance, sales of paper cones and cups are on the increase because the providers are facing increased customer demand.”

PLA is made from plant-based materials.