Huhtamaki launches innovative, bio-based recyclable packaging solution

Ann O’Hara, President of Huhtamaki North America

Huhtamaki, the global provider of sustainable packaging solutions, has launched ICON packaging, said to be a breakthrough paper technology, initially for use for ice cream containers and lids, which enables recycling in communities with paper product recycling programs across the United States.

This is thought to be a significant breakthrough in delivering a sustainable solution for consumers which combines Huhtamaki’s proprietary water-based barrier coating with SFI-certified paperboard and results in the entire package being made with 95% renewable bio-based material. This enables the ice cream containers and lids to be recycled along with other paper products such as folded carton packaging.

“Our paper-based technology and barrier solutions are the key differentiators in ICON ice cream packaging​. The technology allows ice cream packaging to enter the existing North American recycling stream more easily,” explains Ann O’Hara, President of Huhtamaki North America.

“ICON packaging uses capabilities from the Huhtamaki’s Connected Packaging solutions, with a QR code integrated into the packaging design which directs consumers to the ICON landing page, to help inform and increase understanding on the sustainability benefits of ICON® packaging. This includes how we use responsibly sourced paper board, design packaging for circularity, harness ground-breaking technology, and take practical steps to ensure that we regenerate value through recycling,” says Kevin Gunning, senior vice president – consumer goods, Huhtamaki North America.