Hot topics on the table at AVA northern regional meeting

Vending cup recycling will be one of the main topics of conversation at the Automatic Vending Association (AVA) northern regional meeting to be held on November 30 at the Manchester Town Hall.

AVA chief executive Jonathan Hart will lead an interactive panel session on the importance of recycling, joined by John Broderick of the Broderick Group, Peter Goodwin of Simply Cups and Adrian Pratt of Benders Paper Cups.

Also joining the discussion will be Graham Hansen of HRC Law who will be discussing how businesses can start to prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation.

The GDPR regulation is intended to stengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union and it is important for all businesses that use personal data to note they have until the May 25, 2018 to comply with new GDPR legislation or face significant fines.

Finally, the new chairman of the AVA David Llewellyn will be answering questions about the AVA’s future direction. The aim is to find out what the AVA is doing right, where it can improve and what it should be doing going forwards.