Hot noodle kiosks at Moto Service Stations

Mr Lee’s Pure Foods has announced a partnership with Moto Service Stations to launch their Hot Noodle Bars at their locations.

The first service station to get their noodle kiosk is Cherwell Valley, with more to follow shortly. This pilot is scheduled to last six months, with a potential to become a permanent feature.

Martin Verspeak, the COO for Mr Lee’s Noodles Kiosk Technologies commented: “Having invested in the development and trialling of Mr Lee’s Noodle Bar concept for the past several years, we are extremely pleased with these developments towards commercial implementation and scaling up. The kiosk and tech side can represent an important value to the overall business, with the healthy food vending opportunity now beginning to disrupt the traditional low tech, unhealthy vending industry.”

Moto Service Stations has 45 locations throughout the country and 5,000 staff. Ed Sutton, head of retail category management commented: “Providing access to healthy hot food 24/7 was always high on our priorities and with all the current restrictions due to COVID-19, having an unmanned machine delivering exactly that couldn’t come in a better time.”