Hot chocolate less sugar 

Barry Callebaut Beverages UK has added a new healthy option product to its Classic range, Chocolate Less Sugar.

With approximately 70 calories less than the award-winning manufacturer’s Creem Choc product, this latest drink keeps pace with market demand, containing a reduction of refined sugar, without compromising the rich quality Hot Chocolate that Barry Callebaut is renowned for.

Sales director for Barry Callebaut Beverages UK, Tracy Southwell comments: “With the Classic Chocolate Less Sugar drink, we’re essentially providing choice. A reduced sugar hot chocolate should not ask consumers to compromise on taste just because they’re making an informed decision to choose a healthier option.”

“The nation’s palates are gradually changing and there is a growing preference for a reduced sweetness. This is a good step forward in providing a range that continues to meet the needs of our evolving market and the discerning consumer.”

Other names in the Barry Callebaut Beverages product range include Van Houten, Caprimo and Le Royal.

The company is an established advocate of sustainability, working with smallholder farms in West and Central Africa, supporting farmer training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Barry Callebaut works to increase productivity and improve the quality of cocoa while positively impacting on livelihoods on a large scale.