Hospitals reorder Slim-Be cereal bars

The bars, which were the first in Europe to have all green traffic light status and are very low in sugar, are being well received by customers using vending machines in hospitals, the brand reported.


Bristol based JW Vending has been trialling the bars in its vending machines in a number of hospitals in the Bristol area. Managing director John Worgan said: “I was pleasantly surprised by the pickup of the bars, particularly as this is a new product and a brand that not everyone will be familiar with yet; we have already reordered twice.”


Founder of Slim-Be Franco Beer added: “Obesity is a huge problem in the UK and it is costing the NHS £5.1bn a year. Our mission is to help people change their eating habits for good with the aid of our products. There is huge potential in the vending sector for Slim-Be cereal bars, especially in healthcare facilities, particularly as the NHS has just launched its staff health and wellbeing programme designed to encourage a healthier food offering for NHS staff, visitors and patients.”