High security from Sielaff for vandal protection

When it comes to public vending, you really do need a vending machine that can stand up not only to heavy use, but is built with anti-vandalism features that will protect it from theft and mistreatment.

The Robimat range from Sielaff is an advanced glass-fronted can and bottle merchandiser. Unlike the normal spiral mechanism, which drops product, the Robimat moves goods along on a conveyor belt to a robotic arm, which automatically transports the vended item gently and without dropping to the delivery carousel.  The entire vend process takes place in just ten seconds.

The Robimat High Security version lends itself well to vending carbonated drinks in cans, PETs and glass bottles. Because carbonated drinks are vended without dropping, there is no risk of over-fizzing when opened. Glass bottles are particularly suited to the Robimat, since they are not dropped and there can be no accidents with breakages.

The standard version of the Robimat is already built with a high level of protection. A locked delivery shutter that only opens to allow product to be vended is standard, as is the twin door access system. This means that product areas are separated from the cash box section, so that the cash is secure while the machine is being refilled. The standard operating panel is stainless steel and incorporates locking lever protection with a CES-lock.

Additional features on the High Security version are a reinforced glass door panel made from 15 PET- Gplate. It is also fitted with a lockable cash box, coin insert slide and change drum. The door is protected with heavyweight steel hinges and a door gap overlap strip to prevent jemmying.

In addition to a coin mechanism, this model may optionally be fitted with a bill validator, credit card reader or a cashless system to suit customer’s own requirements.