GiroVend HOSTED is cutting the cost of cashless

In the current economic climate we are all looking at ways to reduce outgoings and increase efficiencies. Responding to the drive to cut costs, GiroVend are pleased to announce the launch of their HOSTED cashless payment solution, the simplest and most cost effective way to introduce a cashless solution into your organisation.

GiroVend HOSTED offers all the benefits of a traditional cashless system together with additional features enabling greater management flexibility, reduced support requirements and improved staff efficiencies, all with a reduced capital outlay of up to 30%!

GiroVend HOSTED utilises a centralised hosted SQL database accessed via a web based application. Implementation is easy – by simply selecting the elements of the cashless payment solution required, the hardware can be preconfigured prior to installation on site. All data is hosted externally at the GiroVend Secure Data Centre providing centralised control, maintenance and upgrades.

The result is a reliable, cost efficient cashless payment solution that uses minimal IT resources and offers increased system resilience together with a high level of scalability.

To find out more or to discover the cost savings GiroVend HOSTED could bring to your organisation call the team now on 01628 645080 or email