From Farm to Foam – Sustainably sourced semi-skimmed milk powder from Caprimo®

Barry Callebaut Beverages has launched a new semi-skimmed milk powder under the Caprimo® brand. The easy-to-use powder has an indulgent, creamy texture that delivers an outstanding, stable foam. With 1.5% fat for a superior taste of fresh milk, the spray dried milk powder has excellent machine functionality and dissolves easily in any hot beverage.

Sales director Tracy Southwell comments:  “Closing the gap to the High Street remains an important focus for our customers.  Many coffee shops use semi-skimmed milk when crafting a hot drink, it’s important that we provide an equivalent product for our vending customers too.”

Caprimo semi skimmed uses milk that is sustainably sourced and complies with Barry Callebaut’s VisionDairy Charter.  The Charter sets out 15 principles for sustainable dairy farming across three areas: cow welfare, farm performance and environmental stewardship.

Tracy continues: “We are delighted that Caprimo semi-skimmed milk meets the long-term consumer trends for premiumisation and sustainable sourcing. In recent years, many of our customers have successfully dialled up the quality of their coffee offer and Caprimo semi-skimmed milk can enhance that experience even further”.