FLAVIA refreshes employees with Workplace Insights research

Motivated employees are key to a successful business, especially in the current economic climate. Research carried out by Mars Drinks highlights the need to maintain core benefits to keep employee morale high and at the peak of their abilities.

One survey1 showed that 81% of employees and decision-makers believed tea and coffee to be a standard provision in the workplace, rather than an optional perk. A second survey2 revealed 43% of employees considered hot beverages specifically have a positive impact on their productivity, with 39% saying hot beverages help them to concentrate. In terms of drinks provision, further research3 shows that 76% of decision makers believe there is a positive impact on morale based on the choice of coffee systems.

With over 25 years of delivering refreshing quality hot drinks to the workplace, Mars Drinks is well placed to support companies in achieving motivated employees. To find out more about FLAVIA and Mars Drinks, call: 0800 0323 444 or visit the website: www.myflavia.co.uk.

1 This research was carried out by TNS Omnibus between 26 February – 2 March 2009 using an online survey. 602 respondents aged 16-64 years old were interviewed from a sample representative of the British population

2 McKinsey & Co Study 2008

3 IPSOS Coffee Buyer Research 2008